The Company

Located in the land of the Val d'Orcia, in the municipality of San Giovanni d'Asso, Agriffoli Agricultural Company has an expanse of 530 hectares mainly intended for the cultivation of cereals, but also vines, olive trees, and the famous white truffle as well as large meadows and wildlife reserve woods.
You can easily get to the farm by following, from Siena, via Cassia to the town of Torrenieri and from here the provincial road towards Giovanni D'Asso, for 10 km.
After about 5 km, before arriving at the village, on the left, a sign indicates the entrance to the path to reach the farm, through a typical stoney road which is still kept in excellent condition and about 1/2 km long.
As in all the Sienese territory, here too oil production is certainly at a remarkable level of quality.

The Crusher